Artificial Grass Can Give A Pleasant Warmth

Artificial Grass Can Give A Pleasant Warmth

Artificial grass was used by a garden on Mulberry street, New York to create a warm summer garden. This park was not a real park because, at that time, all corners of New York City were covered with cold white snow. This park is usually called a “simulacrum”. Although arguably a duplicate of the indoor garden, this park was more lively than any other park in New York City (well because nobody likes to play in the cold during the winter season). If you also want to spoil your dogs in your garden during the winter season, perhaps you need to see the finest artificial grass for dogs such as PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass or GL Artificial Turf Grass Lawn. Here is the comparison between both of it:

Artificial Grass Can Give A Pleasant Warmth

PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass
The various conveniences and advantages offered by artificial grass have made many people now turn to use this fake grass. PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass is one of them. This artificial grass is made from the best quality imported materials with a naturally bright green color. Perfect to decorate the room in the house or for the outdoors. Don’t forget to make sure that you have bought the artificial grass according to your needs. In order not to buy excess or even lack, you should first measure the media that will be coated with this artificial grass.
ImageProductDetails  Price
Product Image 1GL Artificial Turf Grass Lawn 5 FT x8 FT-Premium Quality
-Customized Sizes
-Multi Purpose
-Easy Installation
-Quality Guarantee
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Check Price
Product Image 3Artificial Grass Turf Lawn 5 FT x8 FT-Premium Quality Material
-Environment Friendly
-Wide Application
-Save Money
-Best Choice
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Compare Pros & Cons GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Artificial Grass Mat

thumbs up regular


  • Anti-aging particle with masterbatch
  • Rubber-backed for non-slip stableness
  • UV resistance for color fadeless
  • Easy to clean and easy to cut

thumbs down regular


  • The color is not natural

GL Artificial Turf Grass Lawn
If you have to take care of natural grass by watering it or giving it fertilizer, then artificial turf does not need such treatment so it is much more lightening. Although not real grass, this artificial turf fromGL Artificial Turf Grass Lawn material is still able to give the feel of real grass in your home. This eco-friendly artificial turf is very flexible to use as any medium, for decoration, interior, or exterior properties. It’s just that, it should be noted that you don’t put the artificial turf near the fire or exposed to direct sunlight for a long time because it will affect the color resistance of the artificial turf. In addition, avoid putting artificial turf on the ground directly without being given a previous barrier because the microorganisms present in the soil will have an effect on the quality of the product.

You can choose which one is the best for your home and which one that your dog likes to roll and play on top of it.


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