Best Artificial Grass for Dogs 2021

Best Artificial Grass for Dogs 2021


If you are a dog owner, your lawn will likely have patches of plain soil all around. Growing a green lawn is not as easy as it looks. When it gets razed by your dog just because the pooch wanted to bury his bone, you just can’t do anything. That is why having artificial turf for your dog is a good idea.

Synthetic grass is a low maintenance alternative to natural grass that is durable, and you can use it in your front lawns if you have a dog. Regardless of the kind of weather conditions, these green luscious-looking turfs give a gorgeous look to your front yard.

This synthetic grass is durable and requires very low maintenance. If you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your lawn just for it to be eaten by your dog, this is a good alternative. These turfs are preferable for several reasons. First, it just looks so gorgeous and almost like new grass every single time you see it. Second, they don’t require maintenance regardless of the season. They are not affected by climatic conditions. The only effect rain can have on it is to make it more beautiful by removing all the dust from it.

If you own a dog, consider using these artificial grass kits on your lawn. We have picked the best artificial grass for dogs for you to choose from. If you want to know more about their durability and safety and how they performed for us, keep on reading.


Why Is It a Good Idea To Buy a Turf?

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·       Dogs Like To Dig

As a dog owner, you might be fully aware of the fact that dogs just love digging. If you have a dog, it is fine. If you have a lawn and a dog, then we can feel you. It is not only digging that is annoying; it is what comes after. Dirty paws and paw prints all over. So if you want a clean lawn, clean paws, and a clean house, there is all the more reason to go with artificial grass.

·       The Poop Problem

Artificial turfs are always easier to clean than natural grass. You might think otherwise, but it is the other way around. If your dog loves to poop on the grass, it is much easier to remove it even though it is artificial. Furthermore, it will not harm your grass in any way by making it thin or yellow. This grass is synthetic and is not affected by the nitrogenous burst of poop that kills your grass.

·       The Wrath of Urine

Ever wondered why a dog’s urine smells like that? That is because it is high in nitrogen. Unlike dogs’ poop, which is smelly at its best, dogs’ urine can permanently kill your soil. This means that nothing can grow on that part of the soil where your dog peed.

·       Toxic Bugs

I wonder if you are a critter hater like I am. It turns out that grass attracts creepy crawlies. What is more important, they don’t particularly like synthetic grass. So what does this mean for you? No toxic bugs and lesser chances of your pet eating them. Furthermore, you can let your kids and your pets play free on the lawn without having to worry about snakes and bugs.


What Kind of Grass Is Best for Your Dog?

Although synthetic grass is great, not every grass will suit your dog. We are talking about synthetic grass made specifically for your dog and not just for you. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before buying these turfs.

For starters, we don’t recommend nylon turfs. The reason being that nylon is very porous. You will need artificial grass that is made from polyethylene or polypropylene. They are designed especially for maximum durability. Most of the turfs made for dogs are also made to have antimicrobial properties. This helps keep the grass clean and odorless. They are also great at retaining moisture and have good ventilation.


Is Artificial Grass Safe for Your Dog?

As a dog owner, there is always a concern for your dog’s safety. Buying grass made of plastic certainly rings bells, and there are even studies that show that artificial grass made way back in the old days had a high concentration of lead. Exposure to lead can lead to health issues in your pet, and then you would have to spend much more on their therapy and treatment. If you are concerned about safety, don’t worry because you are just being a good parent. However, we can assure you that there is nothing to worry about as the turfs we have chosen for our list are completely safe for your dog.

Over time, they have improved their quality manifolds, especially after concerns raised regarding animal health. The CEH now regulates the quality of all manufacturers of turfs and makes sure that they are safe for dogs. As long as you are buying from a reputable company that is known to follow quality standards, you can stop worrying about your pet’s health. But a word of advice – don’t just go for any turf. Always see first if they are lead-free and made of non-toxic material before buying first. If they have a certificate for quality, that is even better.


Is It Free From Dangerous Chemicals and Bacteria?dog turf chemical


Natural Grass Has More Chemicals Than You Think

If you talk about chemicals, then I can safely say that there are more chemicals on natural grass than on artificial grass. Think about it! How many times do you use fertilizers and other chemicals in abundance just to make your lawn green? It is essential for taking good care of your lawn. You use pesticides to keep the bugs away, fertilizers to nourish the grass, and herbicides to keep other parasitic plants from taking over your lawn. You don’t have to do any of those on artificial grass. In this case, what is most likely to enter chemicals in abundance into your pet’s body; the natural grass or artificial grass?

Artificial Turf Does Not Require Any Kind of Chemicals

As artificial grass does not require a lot of maintenance, unlike natural grass, artificial grass also does not require a lot of chemicals to treat it as well. That is why taking care of it is much less time taking. Unlike conventional cleaning, you can clean artificial grass by washing it with water.

You also need to consider what are the chances of bacteria build-up on the grass where your pet requires to relieve himself of nature’s call. This, in turn, has an adverse effect on the ecosystem of the natural grass itself because dog’s urine and poop are extremely harmful to the grass. If you choose antimicrobial artificial grass, you are never going to worry about bacteria building up again.

If you want to make it even safer, here is a neat little trick you can do. Just mix water with vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Spray regularly on the grass where your dog and children play. Spray particularly on those areas where your dog urinates occasionally. That place is easy to find as your dog marks its territory by urinating at the same place again and again – did you know that?


Our picks60227e577e339

1.     Pet Zen Garden

Your pets are going to love this one. Safety, endurance, durability, and easy cleaning are hallmarks of this turf. You can get a lot of benefits when using this turf. You can assure the safety of your pet, and you don’t need to allocate so much of your time to cleaning and taking care of it.

No matter what happens, you are not going to be spending hours just cleaning the turf. While you can clean it in just about minutes, you can also be at peace of mind regarding the safety of your pup because of its safe material and antimicrobial properties. When you are not spending much time cleaning the turf, you are naturally spending that saved time with your pet. So take care of your pet and spend quality time with him.

Soft Texture

Apart from being safe, this turf is also very comfortable. You will notice that it is very soft to touch, and the soft paws of your dog won’t feel the pointy edges of the grass. Without feeling uncomfortable, they can play around the turf, roll over and run here and there like they would on normal grass. The blades are four-toned, which means that they give a greener and natural look to the grass.

Permeable Surface

It also has a very permeable surface. As it is made specifically for dogs, it has a rubber back with drainage holes. So, you can say goodbye to bad smells.

Easy To Maintain and Very Durable

This artificial turf is very easy to deal with. It requires low maintenance and is the least prone to any kind of damage. With this turf, you can give your lawn a neat and vibrant look. It doesn’t accumulate dust, nor does it get dirty when it rains. It stays like that regardless of the season, and the best point is that it is completely safe and healthy for your dog to play and prance on it.

Variety of Sizes To Choose From

The options that you can choose from are very versatile. They allow you to choose from a variety of sizes, and you can choose from various dimensions depending on your lawn. The blades are considerably long, almost two inches, and you can trim them as well. The blades are very soft and green and give a very balanced look to your lawn.

Golden Moon Pet Grass

thumbs up regular


  • Very easy to clean
  • One of the safest choices for your pets
  • Green turf for your dog
  • Long blades

thumbs down regular


  • First use smell stays for quite some time



2.     Golden Moon Pet Grass

If you are tired of your dog mercilessly destroying your lawn, then this pet grass is for you. The blades are soft yet very strong, and there is no chance of your dog destroying this turf. You can discipline your dog into being a well-trained pup that won’t go crazy on seeing a green lawn. The turf’s design enables it to withstand all sorts of wear and tear that might result from them using their nails and teeth to tear the turf. One good thing is that you will not have to deal with mud puddles anymore as it doesn’t have any soil. It is also dust resistant so that you can clean it easily.

Highly Permeable Surface

This grass has a highly permeable build, which results in a reduction of smells as the porous surface absorbs and drains all the mess. As a result, this looks as well as works like real grass. That is why most of the dogs feel the real grass when potty training on this turf. As it already feels like real grass, the dogs who are already accustomed to potty on grass can easily adjust to the artificial grass.

Non-Toxic Materials and Safe for Your Dog

When you use Golden Moon, you don’t have to worry about any kind of safety, especially regarding the toxicity of the materials used. The turf consists of completely safe and non-toxic materials that have antimicrobial properties. That is why this lush lawn turf is one of the safest choices for your children and your pets. Say no to muddy paws, mud puddles, and the mess that comes with a pet. Use this turf to stay away from bad smells and have a much tidier and cleaner lawn.

Golden Moon Pet Grass

thumbs up regular


  • Very easy to clean
  • One of the safest choices for your pets
  • Green turf for your dog
  • Long blades

thumbs down regular


  • First use smell stays for quite some time


3.     SynLawn Pet System

If you want to give an ideal experience to your pet, this is a choice worth considering. The Synlawn pet grass is an artificial turf designed specifically for your dog to play and jump around just as he would on any natural lawn. The soft and realistic blades do not take away the natural lush feeling of the natural grass, which dogs just love to play with and dig around. But don’t worry, as the grass blades are incredibly strong and durable, and your dog won’t be able to bite down and tear them. This grass is one of the most comfortable choices for your dog. This does not only look good but is also extremely durable. It is likely to last for years if you ask us.

Cool Surface and a Natural Look

If you live in an area where the climate is hot and humid, this grass will be a good choice for your dog. These blades are two-pronged and have a very different look. The blades also come with what they call Heat Block technology. That is to ensure that in hot weather, the surface of the grass stays cool and comfortable for your furry friend. The cool temperature increases paw comfort while the softness increases comfort even further. The grass has at least three different tones from what we can tell. This gives your lawn a more natural and bright appearance regardless of what time of year it is.

Environmental Friendly

The turf is also very environmentally friendly. While it does provide your dog with agility and an ideal playground, it is also friendly towards the environment because of its EnviroLoc system. This means that almost more than sixty percent of the materials consist of renewable soybean oil. This means that they are almost biodegradable and will lessen the impact on the environment. Not only that, but it also makes the grass very strong, durable, and stable.

Durable Blades and Mat

The material consists of a dense blend of polypropylene and soybean. This also makes the blades much more natural and sifter to feel. This is one of the latest technologies in use yet. With its quality features, we rate this as one of the best turfs that you can currently buy in the market.

SynLawn Pet System

thumbs up regular


  • Highly durable polypropylene blades
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Cool surface technology
  • Fit for long term usage

thumbs down regular


  • A bit expensive than most of the other turfs on this list
  • Installation may take a lot of time



4.     Perfect Turf Pet Grass

The perfect turf grass is indeed a perfect turf for your dog and will give both of you the best possible experience. You can easily allow your dog to roam around on it without fearing any kind of interaction with pests or bacteria – no muddy paws in the kitchen and no mess on the lawn.

Exceptional Drainage and Cleansing System

The artificial turf allows you to completely drain any mess that your dog makes while relieving himself. Furthermore, you also do not need to worry about muddy paws because there will be no dirt on your lawn. That is why there are no microbial agents that are looking out to harm your pet’s health. All this combined helps in minimizing bad odors and keeping your lawn clean.

Soft Textured Blades and Durable Construction

The grass blades are dual-toned and are etched with another layer of thatch to give them a more natural look. Although there is no soil, it looks like that there is. Not only this, but it also contributes to more durability of the turf. Furthermore, the material’s design makes it drainable, so you don’t have any mess staying on it for too long.

With this grass turf, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your dog anymore. So forget about problems that come with your pet’s interaction with your lawn.

Easy To Maintain

Another great selling point of this turf is that it is very easy to maintain and clean. Since this turf is designed while keeping dogs in mind, they have made sure that maintaining it is an easy task. So you are in for a neat and clean lawn all year round, while you let your dog play around it the way he likes to.

Perfect Turf Pet Grass

thumbs up regular


  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • No bad smells
  • Safe for your pet

thumbs down regular


  • Quite expensive


Final Words

In the end, we would just like to give you a piece of friendly advice. There are some brands that label their turfs as dog friendly while not keeping dogs in mind. For example, they make a ceramic base and call it dog-friendly, while in reality, ceramic does not allow proper drainage. Any turf that does not allow drainage is not only a nightmare to clean, but it also builds up excessive microbes and makes the whole thing smelly. This is especially infuriating if your dog occasionally poops when he has a bad stomach and then – well, you know what happens next.

So when you go out buying turf for your dog, never compromise on the infill quality and material. A good thing to look for is base filling that allows proper drainage. But just because some material allows proper drainage does not mean that it is suitable for dogs. For example, although drainable, granite, and gravel fillings tend to be a safe haven for insects, which is not really good for the turf or your dog. If you use rubber padding, it will stop the drainage altogether.

And a word of advice – don’t use mulch because it is toxic to your dog, and they just love to nibble on it. So go on and pick a safe turf from our list and let yourself and your dog be in peace.

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