Can You Vacuum Artificial Grass?

Can You Vacuum Artificial Grass?

If you have a lawn full of artificial grass, chances are there will come the point when you are confused about whether you should vacuum it or not. The thing is, nothing should really stop you from doing so unless your lawn consists of an infill that highly recommends that you should never vacuum it, in which case, you definitely shouldn’t!

 Why should you not vacuum artificial grass?


  •       Harms the natural glow of artificial grass: Vacuuming your artificial grass harms its natural shine as it tends to suck everything out and even affect its texture if not done with the right equipment.
  •       Presence of infill: Since infill is made of sand, when you vacuum your lawn, it tends to suck everything up along with the debris. One of the other reasons you should not vacuum a lawn with infill is that it tends to loosen all the fibers up – this can affect your lawn’s appearance over time.
  •       Presence of debris: On the other hand, the debris in your lawn can damage your vacuum by itself. The trash might contain objects like twigs or leaves on the lawn that might be hard for your vacuum to suck up, while your lawn in itself might contain moisture that can be fatal for the vacuum filters, especially during summers.

Can you vacuum artificial grass?

Are there any alternatives to vacuuming grass?

In case you don’t want to or simply can’t vacuum your artificial lawn, the best way to clean it is to use a brush and a simple dustpan. Make sure that the brush you use is made of thick bristles and happens to be purely plastic. For this task, most of the domestic brushes available in the market will suffice.

In case you want to go a step further, you may also invest in brushes that have been specifically designed for this purpose. Keep in mind that these brushes are a tad bit pricier than the domestic ones.


Still, want to vacuum clean? What kind of vacuum cleaner should you use?


In case you still wish to use a vacuum cleaner on your artificial grass, you should opt for a vacuum cleaner with the following features:


  1. Handle both wet & dry cleaning: Always opt for a vacuum cleaner that can handle both wet and dry cleaning as it would help you clean your artificial grass under any circumstances.
  2. Specially manufactured for outdoor: Since your artificial grass is especially maneuvered for outdoor purposes, you should opt for a vacuum cleaner that works outdoors.
  3. Packaged with specific tools: Looks out for a vacuum cleaner that contains specific tools that have been specially made to help you clean your artificial grass.
  4. Functioning and the capacity: Always opt for a vacuum cleaner that will help you to move around your lawn and clean it efficiently without any difficulty.




Cleaning your artificial grass can be whimsical – there are too many things to consider. It is a giant step, and you need to be very careful while performing this process. If you are a complete rookie in this field of expertise, then the points mentioned earlier will help you to take your decision wisely. Happy cleaning!




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