Should The Cost Of Artificial Turf For Sports Field Worry You?

Should The Cost Of Artificial Turf For Sports Field Worry You?

When people want to build a sports field, such as soccer fields, rugby fields, and golf courses, they need to plant some turf in their fields. Therefore, the sport matches can be played properly there due to those types of sports need a field with turf on them, or the athletes cannot play safely and comfortably there. However, when most sports center owners check out the artificial turf cost, they might be surprised by the price tag and they tend to switch to the real turf. However, do they need to worry about the initial price that can be quite expensive?

Should The Cost Of Artificial Turf For Sports Field Worry You

The initial cost can indeed be more expensive compared to planting real turf. However, you can expect the maintenance cost for maintaining an artificial turf is a lot cheaper compared to the real one. It’s because the artificial turf only needs to be sprinkled with water when it looks dirty, while the real turf needs to be watered every single day. That’s why, if you prioritize the long term cost over the initial one, the artificial turf is highly recommended for your soccer field or golf course. Here is some recommendation artificial turf for you:

– Petgrow Artificial Grass Turf Lawn
The material for which it is made is synthetic turf which is of high quality and can last a long time. Because it is classified as short grass which is only 10 mm, this artificial turf is most suitable for use on golf courses or to decorate your home. Because of its small size, you have to buy the right amount and according to your needs. The color of this grass is dark green, looks very natural and natural so that at first glance it looks like real grass. The advantages offered by this artificial turf include being more economical because it does not require maintenance, does not take up much time, is more resistant to weather, and lasts longer.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Product Image 4SunVilla SV7’X13′ Realistic Indoor/Outdoor-Premium quality
-Save money & always Green
-Best matching
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Product Image 5· Petgrow ·
Artificial Grass Turf Lawn 7FTX12FT
-Premium Quality Material
-Low Maintenance
-Year Round Green
-Perfect for indoor used as Mat
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Product Image 6Goasis Lawn Realistic Artificial Grass Turf-MATERIALS
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Compare Pros & Cons Goasis Lawn Artificial Grass Turf Lawn


  • High-density grass; 0.4inch in length
  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Durable and value for money


  • The grass may be too short

– SunVilla SV7’X13′ Realistic Indoor/Outdoor
With its resistance to UV exposure, you can put this grass carpet anywhere, either as a car carpet, as a wall decoration, put in your room, in your home garden, or used as decorations in cafes, balconies, children’s rooms, and so on. In addition, the colors are also available in 4 gradations which are sure to spoil the eyes. Of course, the SunVilla SV7’X13′ Realistic Indoor/Outdoor is designed to be very similar to the real grass. You don’t even need to take care of it because this turf is synthetic. You just have to put it wherever you want, both as decoration indoors and outdoors.

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