What is the Best Thickness for Artificial Grass?

What is the Best Thickness for Artificial Grass?

Choosing the best thickness for your artificial grass is a key factor in your enjoyment of your lawn. Too long, and the fibers in the grass will be too heavy and will fall over. Too short, and the lawn won’t be comfortable and enjoyable to everyone. Whether you are looking for artificial grass for general use, a home putting green, or something else, the best artificial grass should be attractive and comfortable for you and your family.


Basics of Artificial Grass

Not all artificial grass is made the same. There are several different types of materials used to make artificial grass, and each of them has its own pros and cons. Nylon fibers are generally more durable and will hold up to foot traffic better but are also more expensive. Other types of plastic, including polypropylene and polyethylene, are more cost-effective but don’t stand up to heavy use as well. You may also want to consider the aesthetic function of your artificial grass. Whether you plan to use the artificial grass for ornamental or more practical purposes, you still want it to look attractive.

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What is Pile Height?

There are several different lengths of artificial grass as well. The length of the grass from the backing to the tip of each fiber is called the pile height. The backing is the base that each blade of artificial grass is attached to. Pile height is generally measured in millimeters and can range from as low as 10mm to as high as 80mm. The far ends of the spectrum tend to be less comfortable on the low side and too flat on the high side for normal yard use. These are usually reserved for various sports fields, where the length of the grass can make a difference in the way the game is played.


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Which Pile Height Should I Choose?

After deciding which materials and overall aesthetics you like, you need to decide which pile height makes the best artificial grass. If you are looking for a traditional freshly cut lawn look, you will want a pile height between 25 and 30mm. This height will give you that just mowed look and would be great for at home putting green turf as well as general day to day use. If you prefer the look of a more natural lawn, you will want to choose artificial grass with a pile height between 30 and 38mm. This height looks more grown out, but not messy. It is great for a functional family lawn, and it will feel more comfortable to the touch.



In order to pick the best artificial grass for your everyday needs, it is important to pay attention to the height and thickness of the artificial grass you choose. Whether you want an enjoyable family fun lawn, a home putting green, or an ornamental lawn, the pile height can make or break the enjoyment you get from seeing and using your new artificial grass lawn.

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